2 men arrested on Pennsylvania robbery charges and assault

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes

Several police agencies recently cooperated to locate and arrest two men who have been accused of numerous offenses. They are both facing robbery charges as well as assault and traffic violations. Both of the men were arrested after a vehicle chase along Pennsylvania roadways.

The charges stem from allegations that the men, a 23-year-old and a 24-year-old, entered a Blair County Goodwill establishment with the intent to rob it. They purportedly grabbed a female employee and threatened her with a handgun. The woman was then allegedly forced to supply a key to the office and then to a safe. At one point, the employee said she tried to escape, but she claimed that they pushed her down and hit her in the face.

After purportedly taking an unknown amount of cash, the two men left the store and drove away. A witness stated that he saw the men leaving and called 911 while attempting to follow them in his vehicle. When police located the car that was described by the witness, they followed it until the pursuit ended in a wreck. Police indicated that the two occupants of the car attempted to run from the vehicle. Both men were then apprehended by law enforcement on the scene.

These two men face robbery charges filed against them as well as several other counts. Understandably, these are serious allegations and the men could face substantial penalties if they are ultimately convicted. The burden of proving these criminal accusations falls solely upon Pennsylvania prosecutors. Nevertheless, if view of the potentially severe penalties that could accompany a conviction, the accused men must necessarily focus on the specifics of the charges as they pursue a result that is satisfactory and in the best interests of each accused individual.

Source: wjactv.com, “Goodwill employee robbed at gunpoint in Blair county“, Marc Stempka, July 22, 2014