Pennsylvania man facing criminal charges for alleged skin theft

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Criminal Defense

In Pennsylvania, authorities have recently arrested a man for an unusual accusation — the theft of human skin, valued at thousands of dollars. Criminal charges have been filed in this strange case of a Pennsylvania man who has been arrested and faces theft charges for missing skin grafts over a period of several years. He has been released after posting bail.

The 54-year-old man worked in the bioscience section of Mercy Philadelphia Hospital as a representative of a medical supply business. His work entailed overseeing the accounts and placing orders as needed for the regenerative medical business. According to the report, while he held that position, he would have been the one to place any orders for skin grafts as needed. However, the hospital apparently did not have a high demand for the biological item and claimed it would have placed relatively few orders.

It is claimed that the man had ordered around 200 grafts that the medical facility says it never received. Each shipment was estimated to have a value of $1,700. Police say they are not aware of the man’s motive for placing the orders, nor have they found and recovered the missing skin. The man has been charged with theft of approximately $350,000 for the missing grafts, as well as manipulating documents and obtaining stolen property.

The legal representative for the man has expressed disbelief that the Pennsylvania man has had criminal charges filed against him in this matter since to this point there hasn’t been sufficient evidence suggesting that he committed any crime. Furthermore, a spokesperson for the company that the man was employed by stated that, in his position as a sales representative, he would have no reason to even acquire the biological specimens. This man is entitled to the presumption of innocence as this criminal case moves forward, and his defense counsel may work diligently to have the case dismissed. It will be up to the prosecutor‘s office to establish beyond reasonable doubt that there was, in fact, a criminal offense committed by the accused individual.

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