Pennsylvania man charged with drug possession after a death

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Drug Charges

Over the past several months, the news around the country has featured numerous stories concerning the number of people who have died from accidental drug overdoses. Some states, including Pennsylvania, have seen more than a dozen deaths linked to a possibly toxic batch of heroin. One man was recently arrested, charged with drug possession after his girlfriend was found dead.

The man is facing additional counts, including conspiracy. According to investigators, the man allegedly supplied money to a relative and requested that she purchase several small bags of the drug. The illicit substance was supposedly labeled as the type that has been laced with a powerful pain reliever. According to the complaint, the girlfriend purchased four baggies from the accused man.

After they had purportedly taken some of the drugs, the woman left to report to her job. While it is unclear what happened after she left, her family reportedly discovered her body in her home a day later. Police say she was found with two small, empty bags that had allegedly contained the tainted drug referred to as “Theraflu,” as well as implements related to drug use. Police claim that the boyfriend admitted that he was aware of the deaths that had been associated with the stronger mix of the drug.

Pennsylvania authorities have stated that the arrest of the 31-year-old man for conspiracy and drug possession related to the death of his girlfriend is unprecedented. As such, there may be legal standing for the man to challenge the validity of the case. This man is assured of his right to the legal presumption of innocence. The burden of proof is on prosecutors to establish the man’s guilt, based upon evidence that meets the strict standards of the criminal justice system. The accused man will be able to challenge the admissibility of prosecution evidence and to otherwise confront the witnesses prepared to testify against him at trial.

Source:, “Butler County man charged with supplying ‘Theraflu’ heroin in woman’s death“, Bill Vidonic, June 20, 2014