Robbery Co-Defendant Receives a Reduced Sentence

by | May 9, 2014 | Robbery

Recently a co-conspirator pled to seven counts of Robbery and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery.  She received a sentence of three and half years to ten years incarceration.  Although, this seems like a lengthy sentence, her co-defendant received a sentence of eight years to twenty years incarceration.

In the late fall of 2013 a boyfriend and girlfriend team committed several robberies of retail establishments throughout Delaware County.  Before the apprehension they were being called “Bonnie and Clyde” and had merchants everywhere afraid of being robbed.  Once they were captured at a Motel in Tinicum they provided full and detailed statements to the police.  My client, the girlfriend, implicated herself in seven of the robberies as the get away driver.  She was looking at a five year mandatory minimum due to the fact that a “deadly weapon” was used in the commission of the robberies.  Despite the overwhelming evidence against her and the impending mandatory sentence I was able to negotiate a much lesser sentence while her co-defendant received double the time.  In Pennsylvania, a judge does not have any discretion when the prosecutor properly invokes a mandatory minimum sentence.  Also, there are guidelines that the judge must sentence within or provide compelling reasons why he or she did not sentence within the guidelines.  In this case we were able to show the prosecutor that she was addicted to drugs and had an aweful relapse. Also, she did not have any type of criminal record and had two minor children. For more information goto the Delaware County Daily Times.