Marijuana brownie baking students may face drug charges

by | May 16, 2014 | Drug Charges

Pennsylvania students who face drug charges while they are still at school may not realize the negative impact such charges could have on their lives. Not only are there potential criminal penalties, but a conviction on drug charges may limit career and employment prospects. In addition, a criminal drug conviction may remain on their records forever.

Police recently reported that two high school students in Pennsylvania had baked chocolate brownies that contained marijuana, which was valued at $140. The brownies were consequently sold to students at school at a price of $15 each. These students, both suppliers and buyers may be facing drug charges.

Police said that it had not yet been decided what charges will be brought against the students. They said that consultations with the county district attorney’s office will determine the charges. According to the police, one of the bakers of the brownies was 18 years old and could be charged as an adult. The helper who is 17 years old, along with four students, who are minors and who purchased the cookies, will probably face charges in a juvenile court.

Pennsylvania residents, and the parents of juveniles who have been accused of drug possession or dealing drugs, may be unsure of how to proceed to protect their interests. They may find comfort in knowing that help who understands how much is at stake in each case is available and will devote their efforts to finding positive solutions to the problems of those facing drug charges. Together a strategy could be created to produce the best possible outcome for those accused.

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