Local Pennsylvania instructor accused of sexual abuse of student

by | May 9, 2014 | Sex Crimes

The relationship between a student and teacher is one that should be made of trust and the mutual goal of education. Not only are there ethical standards that should be upheld, but there are also legal repercussions for a teacher that has sexual contact with a minor student. An alleged case of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania has recently resulted in the arrest of a high school teacher.

The 32-year-old color-guard instructor was reported for investigation by the Child, Youth and Service Center, but it was not clear where the accusations of the sexual abuse officially came from. During the investigation, it was determined that the alleged affair between the teacher and the student began when the boy was 17 years old. The young man has since graduated and is now 19 years old.

The investigation also alleges that the teacher and student exchanged phone numbers, which may have led to a sexual relationship between the two. According to a report, the teacher supposedly engaged in sexual acts with the student inside her home. She also allegedly offered him alcoholic beverages on occasion.

False allegations of sexual abuse can be detrimental to anyone’s reputation. The arrest and accusations of this case have left the woman facing serious criminal charges. She is also no longer employed. Any teacher in Pennsylvania who is accused of such behavior has the right to a fair trial and the right to face their accuser. In these types of situations, one defense strategy is often to ensure that all evidence against the accused has not been falsified or altered in any way.

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