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Pennsylvania minister charged with sex crimes, dies

The position of trust that pastors hold is one of the highest outside of a child's parents. When that trust is violated by one of these trusted individuals, the victims may struggle with the emotional harm throughout their lives. Conversely, false allegations can also leave permanent scars on the one who has been accused. One Pennsylvania pastor was accused of committing dozens of sex crimes against a young child several years ago.

Several Pennsylvania educators face criminal charges

Recently, one school administer and several teachers have been accused of perpetuating fraud in their elementary school. Now, these professionals are all facing criminal charges in light of these allegations. According to Pennsylvania officials, the fraudulent practices were carried out over a several-year period.

Marijuana brownie baking students may face drug charges

Pennsylvania students who face drug charges while they are still at school may not realize the negative impact such charges could have on their lives. Not only are there potential criminal penalties, but a conviction on drug charges may limit career and employment prospects. In addition, a criminal drug conviction may remain on their records forever.

Robbery Co-Defendant Receives a Reduced Sentence

Recently a co-conspirator pled to seven counts of Robbery and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery.  She received a sentence of three and half years to ten years incarceration.  Although, this seems like a lengthy sentence, her co-defendant received a sentence of eight years to twenty years incarceration.

Local Pennsylvania instructor accused of sexual abuse of student

The relationship between a student and teacher is one that should be made of trust and the mutual goal of education. Not only are there ethical standards that should be upheld, but there are also legal repercussions for a teacher that has sexual contact with a minor student. An alleged case of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania has recently resulted in the arrest of a high school teacher.

Negotiating a Fair Outcome

In this post-Sandusky era child abuse prosecutions are multiplying. Although, the Defendant in this case received a hefty sentence he was looking at a sentence of over 30 years in jail. If you are accused it is important to consult with an experienced criminal attorney immediately. Do not wait until you are charged. Also, not all criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and experience to defend these types of cases. There is a whole section of statutes and case law that are unique to this area of criminal law. Here at the Law Offices of Joseph Lesniak, LLC we understand these cases and what needs to be done to protect your rights.

Road rage on Pennsylvania Route 741 leads to criminal charges

With the increased volumes of vehicles and the resulting traffic situations, combined with our rushed lives, incidents of road rage are not uncommon. However, Pennsylvania motorists and their passengers may want to control their rage, as it may lead to criminal charges. Altercations between complete strangers can lead to physical confrontations in an instant.

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