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Alleged Pennsylvania drug ring busted; drug charges pending

School is supposed to be a safe place to send children. Not many parents want to find out that their children have been subjected to the availability of drugs in the place where they are supposed to be safe, or worse -- that they are the people subjecting the other students to those drugs. However, a recent report of multiple Pennsylvania arrests has left at least eight people with drug charges for distribution in schools and more arrest warrants pending.

1 man's past convictions made him an 'easy target'

When someone in Media is convicted of a crime, serves his or her sentence and is integrated back into society, he or she should be able to live life knowing that that conviction is behind him or her. Unfortunately, individuals with criminal recrods are frequently having to deal with situations that arise solely because they have criminal records. They become suspects in unsolved crimes, they have to register as sex offenders, they are at risk of not being hired when a background check reveals their criminal records; these are the kinds of things individuals with criminal records have to deal with on a regular basis.

DUI charges pending for a Pennsylvania man

There can be a great deal of consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Intoxicated driving is against the law in Pennsylvania, just as it is across the country. However, people are sometimes arrested and falsely given DUI charges. This is one reason why the American judicial system holds prosecutors to a high burden of proof in attempting to convict accused individuals.

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