Heroin use rising in Media area

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Drug Charges

A Media news outlet is reporting on the rise of heroin use in suburban and rural Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Fueled by a drop in price and surge in potency, the spread of heroin use outward from large cities is accompanied by increases in addiction, overdoses, deaths and drug charges.

The article states that heroin is “no longer the scariest drug,” but is instead now “among the easiest to get.”

People who live in towns such as Media no longer have to travel to Philadelphia, but can find the drug closer to home.

A prosecutor said that in the past few years, heroin purity has skyrocketed more than fivefold. That means addicts can get high in some places for as little as $5.

While the drug is more powerful, cheaper and easier to find, it remains as illegal to possess as ever.

In the article, there are short descriptions of young people facing incarceration after arrests on drug charges, including a 19-year-old New Jersey man allegedly found shooting up heroin in a library restroom. He was charged with heroin possession as well as possession of a hypodermic needle.

Two New Jersey men were arrested on second-degree manslaughter charges after they allegedly sold heroin to a man who later overdosed and died.

Thirty miles northeast of Media, a 22-year-old woman faces charges in the OD-death of her boyfriend.

Across the area, people of different ages face charges ranging from possession to distribution to even more serious allegations.

For those facing drug possession charges, speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before talking to police or prosecutors.

Source: Media Patch, “HEROIN: No Longer Somewhere Else,” Tom Davis, March 2, 2014